Unlock the superpowers of the open web.

Build secure, fast, sophisticated sites and applications with
Functions, APIs, Storage, and Testability.

Static sites were only the beginning. The FASTstack unlocks an entirely new set of capabilities for developers, while staying true to the hallmarks of the modern web: maintainability, scalability, and a great developer experience.

FASTstack apps have all the speed and cost advantages of statically-rendered sites, but enable the full power of the world's most ubiquitous platform–without the immense complexity.

What the FASTstack is

The FASTstack is a technology and language-agnostic approach to building modern, full-featured web apps, sites, and APIs. It empowers individuals and teams of all sizes to rapidly prototype, ship, and scale their apps in a secure, reproducible way.

The FASTstack also provides a clear path to growing an app's capabilities. Delivering the most sophisticated functionality to your customers should never come at the cost of a total rewrite and major architecture change.



Augment client-side programming with secure, trusted logic running in isolated, scalable cloud functions (like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions). Use nearly any framework, library, or language (including JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Go, Rust, and Java) without ever having to manage servers.



Requests + responses are marshaled via reusable endpoints that deliver pre-rendered or dynamically generated markup, WebSockets, static assets, and JSON via REST or GraphQL. They may also interface with third-party servers.



Durably persist and instantly access dynamic data with in-network or distributed out-of-network cloud databases, capable of elastically scaling to meet read/write capacity. Storage may be structured or unstructured data, but may also include blob / static asset ingestion and delivery.



Rapidly prototype and validate in a local/offline development environment, and extend into automated test suites, enabling continuous integration. Green builds deploy to reproducible, deterministic environments via Infrastructure as Code.